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On Placing Books in the Timeline

I gotta do some serious work this weekend to get all those unplaced books into the order. It was actually easier to make the whole order originally since I could import it all at once.

Once it’s in there, they’re actually kinda hacked/squeaked into the wordpress format (the thing that is keeping them in order is their relative dates!)

They are all one day apart (the earliest book in there is “posted” around 1900, haha) so between books I actually have a lot of room (about 24 times 60, since I generally go a minute apart to space new ones I’m entering in), but I have to edit the date in a relatively labor intensive way versus just moving things around in a spreadsheet.

Thankfully, once I’ve got it all together, I’ll only have to worry about doing it once a month or so when new solicitations come out.

I’ve still got a fair amount of catch up to play, though!

On Reading Order Discussion Threads

I just came up with a way to have discussion on the bottom of the timelines, like you can on individual books. What I could do is have the permalink of the category or tag call up a post, in the same way it calls up an image (the image or blog post is just named to match… so like the images are “list-image/permalink-name.jpg”

My idea is to make a blog post for each important list and the post is named something like “Marvel Universe Reading Order Discussion” but it’s permalink would be http://www.tradereadingorder.com/discussion/marvel-universe/” – I could call it in the code by having it display the post with that permalink.

Maybe. I only know how to call up a specific post by the post id right now, but I’m gonna look into it. I think it would be cool to be able to have comments under the timelines so people could leave feedback about specific placements, etc, instead of just on books.

The contents of that actual “post” would just be

“Have a question, advice, or feedback for this reading order? Leave a comment!

Discussion is encouraged, just be kind to your fellow user!”

since its purpose would really just be to have a place to leave comments, since there’s no real way to do it on archive pages (what the lists technically are.)

It wouldn’t work on every page (since I’d have to have a post for every tag, which means doubling the amount of posts in the database, at this point, and probably tripling it once I’m done tagging) but I could set them up for the main lists and series/events. Maybe even a couple important characters.

Sound like a good idea?

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