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While Daniel was reading along the Recommended Reading Order (around page 28), he noticed that the Identity Crisis tie-in order could be tweaked a little to avoid some spoilers. You can follow along with his logic in his comment on the Identity Crisis book page.

I’ve moved JSA: Volume 9: Lost and The Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen as a result. I also added a little Identity Crisis series/event page and tagged those three books for it. If anyone knows any other books that tie heavily into Identity Crisis, let me know and I’ll add them to that listing – or I’ll just add any I notice while I’m reading through at a later date.

We’re also still chatting a little on that page, if you’re interested in joining in.

As a side note, I was able to easily find which page the Identity Crisis book was on, just by putting “Identity Crisis” into the google site search! I’m so excited, it’s actually working. Hitting the link above the results that prefers the RRO results made the first result the link I needed – to part 28 of the reading order. Keep giving me feedback on that one, though, I’m sure it could use some further tweaking.

Edit: In light of the increased discussion on the site lately, I’ve replaced the top right adsense unit with a recent comments widget. It will only show the two most recent, but that should be enough to dive into whatever back and forth is currently going on. I may move (or put an additional) Recent Comments section somewhere on the front page, maybe changing the “most recently updated books” section to 3 books instead of 5. That is, if you think such a thing would be useful or fun.

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