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So here’s three hours well spent.

I noticed that I was getting a trickle of hits on the Books of Magic tag, so I decided it was a nice time to really spruce up that list.

First I moved the tag from the “Characters” taxonomy to the “Series” taxonomy – and created a Tim Hunter character tag (the books aren’t really a character.)

I added a header image and text, and tagged Gaiman and Reiber on the appropriate books.

Then I added the following books to the list:

Books of Faerie: Auberon’s Tale

Books of Magick: Life During Wartime: Book 1

The Names of Magic

God Save The Queen

Finally, I gave every book a cover and publication information. Suhweet.

I was spending all day thinking about the original Gaiman miniseries anyway, so I’ll probably try and review that collection on Friday.

By the way, thanks again for the awesome Superman: Earth One review, Sam!

It’s great to get a day “off”, haha.

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