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(From this – which I couldn’t actually bring my self to watch, parody it may be)

Some of this is redundant from a forum post I just made, so I’ll quote that first:

Since a recent update in the plugin code, I’ve had one email about the avatar uploads not working (that I fixed for the user via ftp) but I’ve since noticed that a lot of profiles seem to have broken avatars. They hadn’t been posting, so I hadn’t caught it (though maybe if their avatars worked they would have! oh no!)

I had to go in and fix the code myself – apparently there was a problem with the way the plugin author was calling the root directory for the upload script.

The avatar is showing up correctly in that post, so I think the issue is resolved. Unfortunately, I was unable to fix any avatars that didn’t work during the problem period. They had never been uploaded to the avatar directory, so I don’t have the files to re-associate with the user accounts.

Please try again! Let me know if you run into any problems and I’ll get right on it. Now that I know what the cause of the issue was, we should be able to resolve them quickly.

On a side note, since you have to finish your profile on first log in after account creation, I’ve made it so you no longer have to visit your profile page on first visit to the forums. You should now be able to post right away.

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