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Alex J. sent me the following email:

Dear Ian,

I’m very impressed by your site, but I have a couple of questions: first of all, why do you only have the first couple of “Chronicles” TPB on your list? Where, for example, are Superman Chronicles 3-8? Secondly, what made you put Madame Xanadu so early on the list?

Thank you in advance,


Figured it might be useful to answer this publicly (with his permission, of course). Here’s my response.

Hey Alex!

Thanks for the email! Let’s see if I can help answer.

For the chronicles books, it’s pretty simple – I haven’t entered 3-8 into the database yet. Each book is its own database item, so even if I have an idea of where they are in the list (the chronicles ones you mention are all around that pre-war period) I have to enter them for them to show up.

The books that will be entered there are the chronicles ones (superman and batman, sandman mystery theatre, and a couple others like Greatest 50s Stories Ever Told and Greatest Golden Age Stories Ever Told).

Madam Xanadu is so early because it can be read at any time and it takes place very early in the DCU – I place that first book where it is because it ends with an event that takes place in 1940. I think it’s the most fun to read it near the golden age comics it references.

Once the chronological list is working (which will be after I’ve added covers and other information to every dcu title) you will be able to see it placed by when it actually was released instead of when I think it should be read.

That help ya?

Very best,

As always, any letter to the editor is very very much appreciated!

I get a lot of requests for additions to specific lists (which I take seriously!), but questions about how things work are just dandy too!

I won’t post anything from you without your consent.

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