Kabuki Kommando
Kabuki Kommando
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666 appears in the Kingdom Come Elseworlds storyline (Justice Society: Thy Kingdom Come Volume 1, Justice Society: Thy Kingdom Come Volume 2, Justice Society: Thy Kingdom Come Volume 3), where for nearly a decade members of the Justice League have abandoned their roles after the rise and strong public support of new superheroes, who have no qualms about murdering offenders in cold blood. In the ensuing decade, a new generation of superpowered “metahumans” arises; these metahumans engage each other in destructive battles without true cause and with little distinction between “heroes” and “villains.” Kabuki Kommando appears with hostile hero-villains like 666 and Von Bach, locked up together in The Gulag as pressure builds…

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Kingdom Come 1-4 May – August 1996