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The winners of the Heavy Ink sponsored Superman: Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow giveaway should note that all books have been sent out as of yesterday. Keep your eyes on your mail!

For those of you who haven’t won, we’re still running weekly contests, of course.

The following books have been updated:

  1. Superman Archives Vol. 4
  2. The Golden Age Starman Archives Vol. 1
  3. Superman: The Action Comics Archives Vol. 3
  4. Batman: The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 3
  5. The Seven Soldiers of Victory Archives Vol. 1
  6. The Shazam! Family Archives Vol. 1
  7. Superman: The Dailies 1941-1942
  8. Superman: The Dailies 1939-1942
  9. Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 1
  10. Batman Archives Vol. 2
  11. All Star Comics Archives Vol. 3
  12. Superman Archives Vol. 5
  13. The Blackhawk Archives Vol. 1
  14. The Boy Commandos By Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Vol. 1
  15. The Sgt. Rock Archives Vol. 1
  16. The Sgt. Rock Archives Vol. 2

As of those books, a special note: This marks the first page of the DC Universe Recommended Reading Order as filled with covers! Sweet!

Of course, I’d like to replace a lot of these with higher quality scans, but it will have to wait until I get my hands on more archives.

To round out the night, I also did these books:

  1. The Sgt. Rock Archives Vol. 3
  2. Superman Archives Vol. 7
  3. Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 2
  4. Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 3
  5. Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 4
  6. Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 5
  7. Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 6
  8. All Star Comics Archives Vol. 4
  9. All Star Comics Archives Vol. 8
  10. All Star Comics Archives Vol. 9
  11. All Star Comics Archives Vol. 10
  12. All Star Comics Archives Vol. 11

That’s it for now! At this point there are 445 covers on the reading orders!

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