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The first item to deal with today is the Monster Society of Evil collection that was published back in 1989. This book (though titled similarly to the modern Captain Marvel trade) collected Captain Marvel Adventures 22-56, so it’s been placed when they came out around 1943-1945. This book is really hard to find, and it’s one of the few I’d kill to have in my collection – but can’t pay the going price for (currently over 400 dollars in most places!)

Second, I’ve placed a couple books from the Focus Imprint:

Hard Time: 50 To Life


These two trades aren’t really in the DC universe, but the Focus imprint never really took off and I have a feeling they will be the only stuff collected from it. As such, I’m treating the two books much like other Elseworlds or Out of Continuity collections and just placing them by date. If they were a significant ongoing series, I might give them their own list or include them on Self Contained, but since we’re including stuff like Watchmen and Camelot, we misewell include the modern experiments as well, to give an idea of what DC was up to at the time.

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