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So first of all, picking up from where we left off, here are the new Reading Order updates for tonight (is it really 5am? I need to learn how to sleep!):

Captain Marvel Adventures 1; Special Edition Comics 1; Whiz Comics 15-20 August 1940 – August 1941
All-American Comics 16-30; Green Lantern 1 July 1940 – September 1941
All-Star Comics 3-6 Winter 1940 – September 1941

As you can see, I’m playing with how I list the updates a bit – I’ll have to see how they work in the feed. Also, I tweaked the way the blog post titles and dates display on the home page.

I think it looks a little nicer now. I also did a tiny change to the dates on the single blog post pages, basically just putting the date/time on the same line now and a little smaller.

I thought you guys might also be interested in this article on CBR, “COMIC PUBLISHERS: IT’S TIME TO TAKE DIGITAL SERIOUSLY” and the related discussion thread on their forums.

My quick comment on the matter was:

Honestly, the majority of people on this forum aren’t the target audience for digital comics (though if they went 99 cent style I’d certainly be buying some – and I actually think they might make more than at 2 dollars, though 2 is worth a shot.)

We all ALREADY like comics. We all already buy comics, in some form. But people who don’t ‘collect’ music got HEAVY into itunes.

There is a huge potential market out there and my making the entry point cheap and easy (one click, auto checkout through amazon or whatever, and bam – there’s your comic) the big two stand to gain a lot of readers.

The future generations aren’t going to care about physical anything. Digital will just be the default format. That’s the reality of it.

Sure, we will still have books and collect books, they aren’t going anywhere – but they’re a luxury item. Paper isn’t always going to be considered as essential as we think of it as…

I also linked it on Twitter, where I’ve been sharing a lot of comic related stuff. It doesn’t always seem important enough to make a blog post about but I like to share fun or interesting links somewhere (though I may make a sidebar showing my shared items through delicious or something like that, if I learn how to use it haha).

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