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I haven’t gotten to public implementation of the alphabetical listing/sorting toggle yet, but I did do a bunch of little updates that should make adding books to My Collection easier.

1. Non-Logged In users will now see a slightly faded version of the Add To Collection icon in place of the normal one. It doubles as a link to take you to the login page. I also added title text to the conditional links to make everything a bit more user friendly.

2. The icon now shows in the header of individual book posts and next to the add to collection link under the book cover image (if there).

3. Fixed the spacing a bit on the single book headers – the cover, text, and add to collection icon should look a little less crowded.

4. Made the review link conditional – if there is no review in the database, the blank link will not show. I tried to do the same for the amazon and cbdb link, but the php call for the title of the entry keeps it from working. That’s ok though, they’ll all have amazon and cbdb links long before they all have reviews.

5. Made “You Must Be Logged In To Manage Your Collection.” on the My Collection page bigger and conditional.

6. Added a note about possible uses to the collection page.

7. Put all the collection feature info into an expanding div – it takes up a bunch of room at the top of your collection page, and you probably want to get the the list asap, when you’re visiting it.

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