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So I added in some little icons on the reading order listings and now you can collect from any reading order page. I wish it was Ajax, since the loading is a pain in the butt. I’ll have to learn how to get that working myself.

Let me know if you think it would look better with the collection icon on the right of all the book information or just to the left of the thumbnail.

Showcase Presents  Jonah Hex Volume 2 Temporary Image Info
Weird Western Tales 34-38; Jonah Hex 1-22 May 1976 – March 1979


Viking Glory The  Viking Prince Info
Original Graphic Novel August 1991

I also added “My Collection” in under the User Control Panel. Remember, at this time you have to register and log in to use and see these features.

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  1. Gorblax wrote on at July 7, 2010 9:03 am:

    Personally, I like it better on the left.


    Ian replied on July 7th, 2010 at 12:16 pm:

    Let’s try that for a bit and see how it goes. Let me know if you change your mind :D


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