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First, just wanted to remind you: This is your last day to enter the contest for the Azarello/Bermejo Joker Hardcover! Again, good luck!

A next giveaway will be posted tonight at 11:59.

Onto the updates and changes:

Sorry for the weird output to the feed (all the novels).

I had to take them all down and put them all up, but now they’ve got creator and other information in. Thanks to some help on the wordpress forums I’ve got custom taxonomy importing working (which is great news for the upcoming Marvel update!)

Book pages have been updated to show characters from the various lists. Now, most of these are not tagged yet, so you won’t see the results right away, but I think the Buffyverse books have the tags working, at least partially.

Like character, series information for not DC books is now possible, but it won’t really be in effect until Marvel is up – when we’ll need it pretty badly for events like Civil War and so on. Series information for novels is already working (so if you want to read the Kamigawa Cycle of MtG books for example).

Novel pages have been updated to show the placement notes instead of “issue included.”

Edition information now displays for books that have it, so information like Softcover, Hardcover, Oversized, Digest, etc, will show up below the other tags. These lists will display every book with that term, so they will be most useful when used to filter existing lists (like for a character or creator.) That functionality will be available eventually.

Formatting has been put in so that all the new lists have the header text displayed properly. I still need a solution for what to do when the system does not find an image file associated with a tag. I haven’t found one that works across all browsers. If anyone knows, let me know too! I’m getting sick of that empty space or broken image tag.

There is still a none issue with the sorting id (which is a value entered in the wordpress date field to allow the system to sort by it) not displaying correctly if the value is before 1970. This is a core wordpress bug, and there still isn’t a good fix for it. You might notice that all of the novels, for example, display a value based on the current date instead of their actual sorting id. Not much I can do about it right now, unfortunately – the previous hotfix doesn’t work in 3.0.1.

I’ve updated Batman: The Bat and the Beast (and placed it) in order to coincide with our review.

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