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Now that everyone has gotten back to me and confirmed, I’m excited to announce the winners for our three holiday giveaways!

First up is our grand prize:

Winning Batman: No Man’s Land Vol. 1-5 is:

Mike from Queensbury, NY (TRO user MikePhantom)

Our four runners up for the first holiday giveaway each get a copy of Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher: Hearts Of Darkness:

Chris from Chatsworth, CA (TRO user CaptainHammer)

Jason from Henderson, CO (TRO user zoomfactor32)

Andrew from Riverside, CA (TRO user andybmcd)

Daniel from Circle Woodstock, GA (TRO user yudansha)

Next up, we have our first set of ten Batman Adventures winners, who each snagged a copy of the book with their speedy commenting on Christmas morning:

Ryan from Glastonbury, CT (TRO user WallyEast)

Dan from New York, NY (TRO user xxexplosivoxx)

Chris from Port Orchard, WA (TRO user Dirt55)

John from Annville, PA (TRO user jw634200)

Johannes from Rödelsee, Germany (TRO user jonah_X)

Brian from Middletown, NJ (TRO user -b)

Marc from Milwaukee, WI (TRO user Marc)

Joseph from Foothill Ranch, CA (TRO user AnsumRiku)

Tristan from Leicestershire, England (TRO user VoodooDoctor)

Steve from Cinnaminson, NJ (TRO user Steve M.)

The next set of ten Batman Adventures winners snagged a copy of the book by chance, selected from the remaining comments on the post:

Henry from Las Vegas, NV (TRO user henraldo)

Nate from Franklin, WI (TRO user natohendo)

Cailey from Toronto, ON, Canada (TRO user kikilouise)

Justin from Marietta, GA (TRO user bigjust)

Bill from Acworth, GA (TRO user van.meeks)

Dan from Richmond, VA (TRO user duncanpr)

Timothy from Burbank, CA (TRO user JusticeOrigins)

Daniel from San Diego, CA (TRO user Daniel [oeconomist.com])

Drew from North Caldwell, NJ (TRO user defenestr8)

Sam from Annapolis, MD (TRO user rellimsam)

Finally, we’ve got our new years giveaway giveaway winner, recieiving a hardcover copy of Newuniversal: Everything Went White:

Jesse from Medford, OR (TRO user Body62)

Congratulations to everyone!

Thanks to all of you for being with us over the holiday, commenting and supporting Trade Reading Order.

The books will go out soon! Due to the volume and shipping costs, not as quick as the normal one week turnaround that we had running most of last year, but you’ll get them – I promise!

And if you weren’t on the winners list this time around, we’ll have plenty of opportunities going forward. Right now, we’ve got a copy of Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance up.

After that, check back each week for a new giveaway. You may also want to subscribe to our feed or email list for updates – as sometimes quickness will be a factor, like with the Batman Adventures books.

I hope the new year is treating everyone well and you’re enjoying the parade of reviews as we catch up to our one-review-a-day goal.

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  1. Dirt55 wrote on at January 23, 2011 6:43 pm:

    YEA!!! Congrats to all you guys (especially MikePhantom, wowie). Thanks to you Ian as well for being just a generous gift giver this holiday season to all of the TRO members!


  2. Body62 wrote on at January 24, 2011 1:57 am:

    Yay! That’s me!! Thanks, Ian. You’re the man!


  3. Simon wrote on at January 24, 2011 2:13 pm:

    Congrats everyone, there sure are a lot of people commenting on the competitions now.


    Ian replied on January 24th, 2011 at 2:27 pm:

    I guess people like free books!


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