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Hope everyone is having a good Thursday night.

First of all, as of right now you’ve got exactly 23 hours to get your comment on the post for the Alan Moore Superman trade giveaway.

Remember that you must be logged in. I do the random selection through user id numbers, and if you’re not registered you won’t have one!

Your comments have been more than kind and I’m very glad that some of you will be winning books. The best of luck everyone!

I’ve done some updates, though only minor ones will show on the front. Well, we had big changes for the review layout earlier (and I hope everyone is enjoying Simon’s Hellblazer Review). I also changed the formatting for the byline and breadcrumb on single blog posts in order to fit longer user names.

The main updates are in the back end. I’ve removed the un-needed items from the backend navigation for the average site user. You don’t need the writing fields, because you can now submit reviews directly on each book or post topics you’re interested in the forum (and I’ll pick them up for the blog if they’re great, like Uncle Gorby’s Corner.)

When I feel it’s time, I’ll make a similar submission form for database entries, so the only thing non-administrative users can do in the backend is edit their profile and upload an avatar. I also added links back to the front page and  My Collection.

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