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So I didn’t finish my review, but I did get a lot of book updates in.

First a little design tweak – the front page now shows the first five blog entries. The archive link now goes to page 2 of the blog archive – since the number change matches them up. To match the new page height, you now see 20 featured content thumbnails.

Book updates:

Superman / Doomsday: Hunter / Prey (Corrected redundant “Superman” in title, corrected placement error due to wrong dating)

JLA Classified: Ultramarine Corps (Corrected placement)

Viking Prince By Joe Kubert (This volume was placed by date in the silver age, but events are all in historical times with a couple issues in WWII. It’s been re-placed to those last dates.)

JLA Classified: New Maps of Hell (Moved)

JLA Classified: Hypothetical Woman (Moved)

JLA Classified: Kid Amazo (Moved)

JLA Classified: That Was Now, This Is Then (Moved. I’d love to have a better/more solid placement for these four books, but I haven’t had time to do an in-depth analysis. If anyone knows of any discussion on when exactly they take place – perhaps based on active roster – please let me know. Or let me know when you think they take place.)

The Spirit Archives Vol. 18 (Moved a couple spaces up according to dates.)

The Spirit: Femmes Fatale (Placed right after the above.)

Best Of The Spirit (Moved. This collection ends with “Bring in Sand Saref” which originally ran January 15, 1950. The same story is one of the first couple in The Spirit Archives Vol. 20.)

The Spirit: A Pop-Up Graphic Novel (Placed! This was a bitch! There is absolutely no indication anywhere in the book – or on the entire internet – what story this is an adaptation of. Shoddy oversight! Anyway, after flipping through 20 hardcovers and the above paperback, I figured out that it is indeed “Bring in Sand Saref.” Which sandwiches this book between Best of the Spirit and Archives Vol. 20. What is interesting is that the Archive and the Best Of collection reprint the story differently as well – I think the Archive is the most true to the original material, including the Spirit’s opening spread speech.)

The Spirit Archives Vol. 26 (While stuff in this book was published in the Silver, Bronze, and Modern Age, I feel it works best as a supplementary volume to the rest of the Spirit Archives in the Golden Age. It’s still the Golden Age Spirit in heart! Much of the “new” content is actually just new covers to various Spirit reprint issues. I’ve moved it next to Vol. 25)

Spirit Jam (Added to database, added to DCU reading order, given cover and publication info. I also scanned my copy to upload a cover, since I didn’t see any good images out there.)

The Essential Showcase 1956-1959 (Placed!)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 1 (Placed)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 2 (Placed)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 3 (Placed)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 4 (Placed)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 5 (Placed)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives Vol. 6 (Placed)

The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Vol. 1 (Title Typo Corrected)

JSA: Strange Adventures (Moved to 1944-ish. It takes place during WWII, but features a totally strange and annoying cast of sometime JSA members that never existed together at this time according to any other book. There’s no real way to place it exactly, that I know of, so I just dropped it before the second block of WWII books.)

Adventures Of The Fly (Added to Database, Placed! Also, Red Circle Heroes series tag created)

The Shield (Added to Database, Placed)

The Mighty Crusaders: Origin of a Super-Team (Added to Database, Placed)

Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 1 (Title corrected from a placeholder for both books)

Superman: For Tomorrow Vol. 2 (Placed)

Bed time!

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