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While I was waiting for the potential Superman winners to contact me, I decided to get in a few database updates! This post also includes the updates I’ve done since the announcement.

I added a cover and publication information to the Joker book that’s currently our featured giveaway.

Thanks to some sharp eyes from Heinsby, who informed me that I’d listed Green Arrow 1-3 two times on the Brightest Day Issue Reading Order. I’m not sure how I left it in there twice, but I’ve corrected the error!

I also added a link to the little random picking methodology discussion to the header of the giveaways category.

The following couple books have been moved to new placements on the DC Universe Reading Order, plus given covers and some other info:

DC Animated: Justice League Unlimited: Jam Packed Action (Digest)

DC Animated: Batman: The Collected Adventures Vol. 2 (Renamed from “The Dark Knight Adventures, based on my copy. I’m unsure as to multiple titles existing for this collection? I scanned my cover, since I couldn’t find a good high res of it.)

I’ve got some more placements I’m working on that I hope to post later tonight, but I’m also working on a couple reviews (and editing/advising a user submitted review that I’m excited about!)

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