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I’ve placed these books into the main DCU reading order:

HellBlazer: The Family Man

HellBlazer: Rare Cuts

HellBlazer: Dangerous Habits

HellBlazer: Bloodlines

HellBlazer: Fear and Loathing

HellBlazer: Tainted Love

HellBlazer: Damnation’s Flame

HellBlazer: Rake at the Gates of Hell

HellBlazer: Son of Man

HellBlazer: Haunted

HellBlazer: Setting Sun

HellBlazer: Hard Time

HellBlazer: Good Intentions

HellBlazer: Freezes Over

HellBlazer: Highwater

HellBlazer: Red Sepulchre

HellBlazer: Black Flowers

HellBlazer: Staring at the Wall

HellBlazer: Stations of the Cross

HellBlazer: All His Engines

HellBlazer: Reasons to be Cheerful

HellBlazer: The Gift

HellBlazer: Empathy is the Enemy

HellBlazer: The Red Right Hand

HellBlazer: Joyride

HellBlazer: The Laughing Magician

HellBlazer: Roots of Coincidence

HellBlazer: Scab

HellBlazer: Papa Midnight

HellBlazer: Lady Constantine

HellBlazer: Chas: The Knowledge

As of this moment, all the Hellblazer trades are now in order. Hooray!

I’m sorry for them being mixed up for so long – the switch over from separate vertigo and dcu lists has taken longer than I expected – got a little sidetracked there.

I know Hellblazer isn’t really a character name, so it’s a weird way to tag the books, but it’s the most commonly searched for term. Eventually they will be tagged with both (and any other included characters) so John Constantine and Hellblazer should give you the same list (just like how JSA or Justice Society both generate the same list).

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