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Woo! The search is on!

Check out this google search for Batman: Hush on my site. As you can see, it is now properly linking to the book placed in order on the page it is ON instead of on the first page of the order. And it’s also got much more comprehensive listings!

Webmaster tools told me that prior to uploading the sitemap only about 40% of the permalinks were indexed. hooboy! Seeing as I already get about 70% of the traffic here from google, I’m wondering if I’m about to see a fairly large increase.

Hope the server can take it.

In any case, this should make the in site search work better, I think! I’m gonna try it out now (funny how you’re not going to see any time pass because this is a blog post).

… (this is to represent time passing while I test it, duh)

Hmm.. not quite better yet. Lets try refreshing the index at the Google Custom Search control panel.

tiny bit better. I’m going to try adding a “refinement” that users can select.

Ah, I just realized that I’m not seeing very good results on this because google has an older cached version of the first page of the Recommended Reading Order. Since the book I was looking for “Batman: Year One” was listed on that page, it was consistently giving me the wrong one. Trying it with “Batman: Hush” gives me similarly outdated results – they’re a page or two off.

This must be because I’ve been adding in books towards the start of the order and they are bumping this other books down – and google hasn’t refreshed the pages yet. I think I can set them to a higher priority in my sitemap and hopefully this will clear itself up in a few days.

Let me know if you guys have any feedback about how the custom search is working and if it’s helping you at all!

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