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Savage Dragon Archives Volume 2
Essential Painkiller Jane Volume 2: Hellboy And Friends
Next Men Volume 4: Faith
Madman Volume 2
Hellboy: The Wolves Of Saint August
Danger Unlimited
9 Books Added to Database: Green Lantern Omnibus, Captain Atom, T.H.U.N.D.E.R.
The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Join The DC Universe
Tor Added To DCU Reading Order
User Profile Pages! Create Your Profile And Share Your Collection!
Lucifer Added to DCU Reading Order
11 Books Added To Database: Tor, Mythos, Little Endless
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Omnibus Volume 4
Forum Updated – Inline Login Now Working
31 Vertigo Books Placed: Hellblazer
HellBlazer: Chas: The Knowledge
HellBlazer: Papa Midnight
HellBlazer: Scab
HellBlazer: Roots of Coincidence
HellBlazer: The Laughing Magician
HellBlazer: Joyride
HellBlazer: The Red Right Hand
HellBlazer: Empathy is the Enemy
Hellblazer: Hooked
HellBlazer: The Gift
HellBlazer: Reasons to be Cheerful
Spoiler Alert! Stephanie Brown Spoiler / Robin / Batgirl Reading Order
Robin: Teenage Wasteland
Robin: Violent Tendencies
Robin: To Kill a Bird
Batman: Gotham Underground
Birds of Prey: Blood and Circuits
Batman: Under The Hood Part 1
Batman: War Crimes
The Web Vol. 1: Spinning The Future
Red Robin: Collision
DC Companion Volumes Listing Up!
85 Books Added To Database: The Spirit, New Soliciations, Old and Rare Hardcovers
Filtered Lists Now Fixed!
All Books Converted To Custom Post Types!
The Spirit Is In the DCU, Right?
Updated Sidebar Login
New DC Comics Trade Solicitations !
Created “Your Collection” Forum
I Finished My DC Collection! I’ve Got 1252 Books! How About You?
Minor Reading Order Updates And Tweaks
Sort Your Collection Alphabetically Or By Reading Order
More My Collection Updates
Registered Users Can Now Add Books To “My Collection”
Search Moved To Header
Trying It On The Left
“My Collection” Updated: Collect From Any Reading Order Page!
Green Lantern Corps: Recharge
25 Books Placed: Hellblazer, Sandman, Batman / Judge Dredd, Etc.
Hellblazer: India
Dark Entries
Hellblazer: Pandemonium
Constantine: The Official Movie Adaptation
Constantine: The Hellblazer Collection
128 DC Books Added To Database: Vertigo, Covers, Dailies, and Companion Volumes
DC Comics Cover Collections
7 Books Moved: 3 DC Shifts and 4 Vertigo Re-Placements
18 Books Placed: Hardcovers and Omnibus Editions – Starman, Seven Soldiers, Gotham Central, Etc.
Seven Soldiers of Victory Book 2 (Hardcover)
Seven Soldiers of Victory Book 1 (Hardcover)
Wildstorm and America’s Best Absolutes and Deluxe Editions Moved
Absolute Planetary 2
Absolute Planetary 1
Absolute Danger Girl
Absolute Authority Volume 2
Absolute Authority Volume 1
Tom Strong Deluxe Edition Book 2
Tom Strong Deluxe Edition Book 1
Absolute Promethea Book 2
Absolute Promethea Book 1
Absolute The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Black Dossier
Absolute The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II
Absolute The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume I
DC Absolute Editions Placed: Crisis, Hush, New Frontier, Etc.
Self Contained and Fables Deluxe Editions Moved
Fables: The Deluxe Edition Book 1
Fables: The Deluxe Edition Book 2
12 DC Deluxe Editions Added To Reading Order: Uncle Sam, JLA, Batman Reborn, Etc
Links Page Updated!
Added “Reviews” Forum, Linked Previous Reviews
Fun On The Forums!
Wonder Woman’s New Costume
Reading Order Headers Fixed
14 Books Placed – Oddball DC Titles: The Shadow, Fallen Angel, OMAC, Batman Manga
Batman: Death Mask
Fallen Angel Omnibus Vol. 0
8 Books Placed: DC All Ages – Tiny Titans, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures, Etc.
Fixed Reading Order Pagination (Sort Of)
38 Books Placed: DC Animated Titles – Batman Adventures, Super Friends, Etc.
Listings Fully Functional! All Books Added to “Comics” Category
Known Issue: Book Pages Blank
10 Books Added To Database (Light Brigade, Warlord, Tom Strong, Milestone)
USER BACKEND OPEN! Really Super Honking Big Deal!
DC Revives its War Titles!
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